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Area 6 News!

AC&C 2015 Results
Chorus Results
First Place Chorus: Atlanta Harmony Celebration!
IC&C Chorus Contest Qualifiers:
Atlanta Harmony Celebration!, Georgia Connection and Sisters of Sound
First Place Chorus Award: Atlanta Harmony Celebration!
Aura Daye Trophy: Kathy Stone, Director, Atlanta Harmony Celebration!
Most Improved Chorus Trophy: Sisters of Sound
Barbara A Kadel Memorial Award: Kathy Stone, Director, Atlanta Harmony Celebration!
Quartet Results
First Place Quartet: MAKE'
IC&C Quartet Contest Qualifier: MAKE'
First Place Quartet Award: MAKE'
Dazzle award: MAKE'
Pizzazz award: Sisters of Sound
Novice Quartet Trophy: Serenade
Sound Award: Sumthin' Else